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The return of the Battery Percentage Icon

Remember the battery percentage icon was removed in 2017 to accommodate the iPhone X’s notch. You will have to swipe down nowadays to find your battery percentage, but Apple is finally bringing it back to appear within the battery icon. Yesterday, Apple released the fifth iOS 16 developer beta. It comes with a lot of changes, but everyone was talking about one thing only: battery percentage indicator.

You can access this by opening the settings menu and navigate to the battery section. Once there, you will see a toggle labeled “Battery Percentage”, flip it on. You will have to have downloaded the new iOS 16 beta 5 to be able to do this.

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This option appears to be unavailable on the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini. This might change as the firmware is still under works and I hope it makes it into the final release.

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People who started using iPhone after the release of the notch, might find this confusing to use at first, because your battery icon will seem full all the time with the battery level inside. If this bothers you too much, you can as well turn it off as it is not turned on by default.

Apple doesn’t always keep every beta feature in a final release — particularly if early feedback pushes back on something — but odds are high that the battery percentage icon is coming back in late September with the proper release of iOS 16.


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