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Sunshine Queens Coach Reveals How They Shocked Bayelsa Queens in NWFL Opener

In a thrilling showdown at the Akure Township Stadium, Sunshine Queens Coach, Abimbola Oladimeji, revealed how they marked a turning point in the team’s history.

Sunshine Queens Coach Reveals How They Shocked Bayelsa Queens in NWFL Opener

Defying the odds, the Owena Ladies held their ground against Bayelsa Queens, clinching a surprising 1-1 draw in their NWFL Premiership opener.

The game kicked off with a riveting display of skill and strategy, as newly appointed captain Suliat Ajibade secured the lead for Sunshine Queens with a penalty goal in the 18th minute.

The first half ended with the hosts in the lead, showcasing their determination to dominate the field.

Throughout the match, Sunshine Queens maintained control, applying relentless pressure on their opponents, aiming to widen their lead.

However, Bayelsa Queens displayed resilience, effectively thwarting their host’s attempts across all areas of the game.

Despite the former champions’ attempts to level the scores, the solid defense of Sunshine Queens held firm, containing their advances.

As the second period of the game kicked off, Sunshine Queens sought to build on their advantage.

Yet, it was the determined Prosperity Girls from Yenagoa who managed to equalize in the 62nd minute through Itimi Mercy, concluding the match in a well-deserved 1-1 draw.

Coach Oladimeji Abimbola, in a post-match interview, commended his players for executing the game plan effectively.

He highlighted that while this was their first match after a season in the lower league and they are in the process of integrating new players, the team showcased promise.

Abimbola emphasized their commitment to improving with each game, acknowledging the need to address identified weaknesses.

“This is a new Sunshine Queens, Bayelsa Queens had defeated us many times before but we gave them a shocker today as we were able to hold them to a score draw and we are pleased with it,” the coach said.

stated Coach Abimbola, outlining their resolve to learn from this experience and strengthen their performance in upcoming fixtures.

Sunshine Queens Coach Reveals How They Shocked Bayelsa Queens in NWFL Opener

He stressed that;

“This is our first match after a season at the lower league, we are just coming together as a team with crop of new players. With time, the team will blend together, we are going back to the drawing board to work on some lapses we discovered in this match.”

With an eye on growth and consolidation, Sunshine Queens’ surprising performance sets the stage for an intriguing season ahead, as they aspire to evolve into a formidable force in the NWFL Premiership.


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