“Semi-Automated offside Technology” go chooke all fun and still solve all referee problem?



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As times de change, na same way football and sports de change in general when you look how the game de move with with high speed, people wey be umpire for the game need to make decision fast-fast so that fans go de continue to de enjoy the sweetness from the game and the same time fans still de shout make them “ help us! help us!! We no know where the referee de carry us de go oo” because some decision wey these referee de conjure from thin air pass ‘abrakatabra’ magic.

Many of these kind decisions don de happen for this football thing for long time now and some of these poor decisions don cost many teams wey dem take lose matches, others don lose finals, some don lose titles all because of offsides calls, fouls, balls wey cross goal line wey referee no see and goals wey no cross line but referee give am as goal though na still opponents de benefit from this decisions.


E take many incidents to happen before FIFA and others wey de on top of football matter before dem respond to provide solution.

Some of the incident wey still fresh for our mind na the goal wey former chelsea player wey be Frank lampard as e score vs Germany for inside fifa world cup match but the referee say the ball no cross the line and no technology be de available that time to help the referee make the correct decision. 

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Things no end for there because before that matter be happen, others done happen before. Like the one wey happen for January 4, 2005  between Tottenham and Manchester United when Spurs midfielder Pedro Mendes score United goalkeeper Roy Carroll but the keeper rush as e bring the ball from the line but referee Mark Clattenburg and e assistant Rob Lewis judge the matter say no be goal as united carry one point go house.

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The matter no even finish for there and if una go fit remember the one wey make AC millan lose the Scudetto to Juventus for 2012. Gianlugi buffon carry the ball from inside e net when Sule mutari be don de happy say e don score but referee say the ball no cross line despite say the goal clear for all to see. before small time later, Alensandro Mattri equalise for Juventus for the match while juventus con win the title that year as them use 4 points take pass AC Milan.

One of the solution dem be bring come, na both goal line technology (GLT) and video assistant referee(VAR).

GLT na the technology wey de use electronic aid to check weda a goal wey dem score cross line or not. And the entire body of the ball must cross the line before referee go beat e chest say the goal na correct goal.

While the VAR de help referee for field to shine touch for errors and incidents wey referee and e men miss so that dem go fit correct am sharply.

Despite all these changes and technology wey dem don bring come football, many fans and investor for the game get different complaint as some de say say these technology de make the game slow, e de choke the fun and happiness from the game while others de say despite everything, human errors still plenty as them use statistics take back their claim say many match officials especially with the use of VAR say them no de follow same procedure and rule for every body. E come belike say small ojoro de the mata. 



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After the english premier league announce say them go start to de use the goal line technology for their league, one writer for SBNATIONS wey them de call Aidan Sweeney say “Goal-line technology just isn’t enough and it’s far too late and far too little.”

FIFA come chook mouth for the matter say them don hear fans complaint so for that reason, them go introduce another technology wey go help referee with VAR to make decision very faster, almost accurate and the same time, e no go affect the flow of the game and this technology name nasemi automatic offsides”(SOAT). Many fans de talk say this new tech. go turn the football wey all of them love to ‘robot/machine football’ but ogaga kpata-kpata of FIFA referee wey e name be Pierluigi Collina say make fans forget that “robot referee” talk because this SOAT go make referee job easy as na VAR people go de use am and the centre referee go de involve for any decision wey dem go make and e go de quick and correct.

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As the footballing world and fans still de think on how and wetin dem go expect for for the World Cup for inside Qatar this winter from this SOAT technology wey FIFA don introduce come so, UEFA say them no go fit be the agbero wey go load people for bus then con trek go house as them announce say dem self go test this food wey FIFA don cook as dem don make arrangement to use this technology for the group stage of their champions league but them go first test am for the super cup match wey go happen between Real madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt for inside Finland.

While some fans de argue say too many technology wey dem de bring come the game, go comot the sweetness and joy from the game, people like Lampard, Mutari, Mendes and teams like England, AC Milan, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur go get different opinion because if these technology be de for their time, their trophy room for de show different thing.

As long as say these technology go bring positive changes and also level the playing ground for everyone to challenge, then why not? Because na exactly wetin the the spirit of sportsmanship de always de preach about.

One thing i know be say even if this technology no de perfect for the first time, those wey be oga on top of football matters go continue to de work hard to improve am.


Peter Enwenode

Peter Enwenode is an engineer, football analyst, writer, Content creator and farmer. He is a football analyst and writer for Elegbete tv/radio, an online media house in Nigeria. He has been in around the media space for more than 8 years with several radio shows to his name such as "9jafooty science" and "Dem-say Dem-say sports corner" He's the co-founder of Node agro-farms which specialises in Horticulture farming and agricultural consultant services.

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