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Preseason Friendly: Rivers United crush Enyimba in Aba

In a thrilling preseason friendly match that took place in Aba on Tuesday evening, Rivers United showcased their strength as they crushed their NPFL counterparts, Enyimba.Preseason Friendly: Rivers United crush Enyimba in Aba

The build up game was part of their preparation for the new season with Rivers United battling fiercely and controlling the play, although they failed to find the net in the first half.

Aba Warriors had a golden opportunity to take the lead when they were awarded a penalty, but Abiodun Akande made a brilliant save, diving in the right direction.

The turning point came in the second half, with two remarkable goals from Yao Kouassi Bernard and Nyima Nwagua, sealing the victory for Rivers United.

Rivers United approached the second half with tremendous fighting spirit, and just 63 minutes on the clock, Yao Bernard intelligently put United in front.

United continued to press for another goal and Nyima Nwagua easily found back of the net with a late strike, capping off a beautiful team buildup and giving Rivers United a comfortable 2-0 lead.

The goal from the newly appointed captain proved to be the winner as Port Harcourt’s team triumphed over the NPFL Champions.

The preseason victory sends a clear message that they are prepared for a fierce battle in the upcoming season.


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