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NPFL Implements Mandatory CAF B Licence for Head Coaches: Here’s Why

In a significant move to enhance the technical expertise within the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL), all head coaches are now required to possess the prestigious Confederation of African Football (CAF) B licence.NPFL Implements Mandatory CAF B Licence for Head Coaches: Here's Why

This development, announced by NPFL’s Chief Operating Officer, Davidson Owumi, is set to usher in the 2023–24 season with a clear goal: elevating the league’s overall standard of technical performance.

The decision to make the CAF B licence mandatory for head coaches in the NPFL is rooted in three fundamental reasons.

1. Elevating Technical Competence:

The NPFL recognises the pivotal role played by coaches in shaping the performance of football clubs.

By enforcing the CAF B licence requirement, the league is committed to raising the bar for technical competence.

As Owumi explains that:

One of the areas of the league we seek to improve in the new season is the area of technical performance of our teams through the players, and this can only be achieved by having competent managers on the bench.”

This move signifies a strong dedication to producing well-equipped coaches capable of optimising players’ potential.

2. Encouraging continuous growth:

The introduction of the CAF B licence as a minimum qualification for head coaches is not merely a one-time mandate.

The NPFL’s’sorward-thinking approach encourages coaches to continually enhance their knowledge and skills.

Owumi indicated that:

This may be reviewed upwards next season. The idea is to encourage our coaches to improve themselves through higher certifications by participating in reputable courses.”

This forward-looking stance emphasises the league’s commitment to fostering a culture of perpetual improvement among coaches.

3. Raising the League’s Profile:

In the competitive world of football, the quality of a league is often assessed by the expertise of its coaching staff.

By implementing the CAF B licence requirement, the NPFL aims to enhance its reputation on the global stage.

This move not only attracts high-calibre coaches but also reflects positively on the league’s commitment to excellence.

A league with well-qualified coaches is more likely to produce better players and draw international attention.


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