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NPFL Club Chairmen face backlash For Sporting European Club Jerseys at AGM Meeting

Some club chairmen of the Nigerian Premier Football League (NPFL) are currently facing a barrage of criticism after spotted wearing European clubs’ jerseys during their Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Abuja.

The move has sparked outrage within the sports community and drawn sharp rebukes from prominent figures.

The AGM, intended as a platform for NPFL club chairmen to discuss critical matters, including the upcoming season fixtures draw, took an unexpected twist as several chairmen were pictured sporting jerseys from renowned European clubs such as Barcelona and FC Midtjylland.

This unexpected fashion statement has ignited a heated conversation around the commitment of the NPFL club chairmen to local football development.

Prominent sports personality and owner of Elegbetetv, Edafe Matthew, expressed his disappointment in the chairmen’s choice of attire.

He condemned the move, highlighting the efforts and resources invested in promoting the NPFL within Nigeria.

I will use my personal money, time, effort of my crew, risk ourselves through air, land, and sea across this country with all the security challenges. Going about seeking sponsorship, but those in charge of the clubs that would benefit the most are advertising European clubs. Una doh,” lamented Matthew.

Adepoju Tobi Samuel, the Football Director at Ikorodu City FC, also voiced his discontent, emphasizing the incongruity between the chairmen’s actions and their roles in shaping branding, media, and marketing strategies.

“Shameful,” Samuel exclaimed.

Some NPFL club chairmen were spotted wearing Barcelona and FC Midtjylland jerseys to their meeting in Abuja on Monday. And una dey ask some of these men to understand branding, media, and marketing. We are asking for too much.”

Other NPFL lovers and Fans also took to social media platforms to express their disappointment

The passionate plea from figures like Edafe Matthew and Adepoju Tobi Samuel calls for introspection and action, urging NPFL club chairmen to channel their allegiance towards the league’s growth and prosperity.

In the face of this controversy, it now remains to be seen how the NPFL club chairmen will respond and whether this incident will serve as a catalyst for change within the league’s leadership.

But one thing is clear: the eyes of the Nigerian sports community are fixed upon the NPFL, awaiting a resolution that reinstates faith in the league’s leadership and dedication to local football development.


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  1. John Edem

    The sad part is that they will never take corrections, they will rather choose to ignore and fight the people trying to correct them..

    The sort of nonsense we see in this country

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