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NPFL Chairman Raises Concern of too many Referees in Nigerian League

Okey Kpalukwu, Chairman of the NPFL Club Owners Association, has openly voiced his concern regarding the surplus of referees in the league, saying that they are too many in Nigerian league.

NPFL Chairman Raises Concern of too many Referees in Nigerian League

In order to increase the standard and fairness of officiating in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL), he has called for a decrease in the number of referees.

He thinks the league can do away with such prejudices by making sure that referees are distributed more fairly among games.

The significance of open communication among the refereeing community has been emphasised by Kpalukwu.

He is requesting that the Referees Appointment and Disciplinary Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) constantly make the names of match officials who are being disciplined public.

He contends that doing this will strongly convey to others the value of honesty and accountability in Nigerian football refereeing.

The initiative and dedication to transparency made by Kpalukwu mark a considerable step up in the NPFL’s standards.

Kpalukwu has expressed his reservations, emphasizing that;

“Right now, we have an excess of referees, resulting in some of them officiating only a limited number of matches. This situation fosters lobbying, which isn’t favorable for our league.”

This move is set to ensure a fair and competitive environment for Nigerian football lovers.


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