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Mark Your Calendars: NPFL 2023/2024 Kick-Off Date Announced

The Chairman of the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) Board, Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye, has officially announced the kick-off date for the highly anticipated 2023/2024 NPFL season.Mark Your Calendars: NPFL 2023/2024 Kick-Off Date Announced

The new season is set to kick off on August 26, 2023, as revealed during the board’s inauguration by the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) on Wednesday, July 26.

Improved Prizes and Player Welfare

Chairman Elegbeleye expressed the NPFL board’s commitment to advancing the league and its participants. For the upcoming season, the prize money for the league winners has been significantly increased from N100 million to N150 million.

This substantial boost aims to motivate clubs to push for excellence and elevate the overall quality of football in Nigeria.

Elegbetetv gathered that a portion of the prize money will be dedicated to facility improvement, ensuring that stadiums meet the required standards to host NPFL matches.

The board emphasized that any stadium found to be unfit during inspections will not be allowed to host any league games.

All the stadia classified as unfit to host NPFL matches remain banned, subject to inspection while that of the newly promoted clubs will also be inspected before the season starts. Any stadium that doesn’t meet the set standard will not be allowed to host any league game,” Elegbeleye said

This move highlights the NPFL’s determination to enhance the fan experience and ensure players have access to top-notch facilities conducive to their development.

Focus on Referee Performance and Welfare

Chairman Elegbeleye also addressed the crucial role of match officials in maintaining the integrity of the league.

Recognizing the impact of prompt payment on last season’s success, the NPFL board is committed to continuing the practice of ensuring referees and other match officials receive their dues two days before each game.

Elegbeleye emphasized the importance of referee performance and welfare, stating that the success of the league relies on their competence and fairness.

To maintain the highest standards, any referee found to be in violation of ethical guidelines will be recommended to the appropriate authorities for disciplinary actions.

We shall continue like that this season and will not hesitate to recommend any referee found wanting to the appropriate authorities for disciplinary actions,” Elegbeleye concluded.


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