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MTN Nigeria secure Exclusive right to Stream NPFL Matches on Mobile

MTN Nigeria has secured exclusive rights to stream Nigeria’s Premier Football League (NPFL) matches on mobile devices, as announced by Propel Sports Africa, the NPFL’s streaming partners.MTN Nigeria secure Exclusive right to Stream NPFL Matches on Mobile

MTN subscribers can now watch at least eight live matches weekly on the NPFL Live App.

This marks a significant achievement for MTN Nigeria and delights football fans nationwide.

The NPFL, Nigeria’s top football division, hosts some of the continent’s finest players.

With MTN’s exclusive streaming rights, fans can easily follow their favourite teams and players.

The NPFL-MTN deal also offers real-time in-and-post-game highlights on the NPFL Live OTT platform for MTN subscribers, ensuring fans stay updated even if they miss live matches.

Moreover, the NPFL and Propel Sports have collaborated to launch the NPFL LIVE App, streaming this season’s games with a goal of 300+ NPFL games.

What does this mean for other network subscribers?

For non-MTN subscribers, delayed highlights remain accessible for NPFL matches.

What are the probable benefits of the NPFL and MTN Deal?

The NPFL-MTN partnership promises significant benefits.

MTN Nigeria can attract new subscribers and enhance customer engagement, while the NPFL can tap into a fresh audience and generate additional revenue.

This alliance may elevate the league’s quality, potentially attracting more sponsors and investors and ultimately improving the league’s standards.

Overall, the NPFL-MTN partnership marks a positive development for both entities and Nigerian football as a whole, simplifying league access for fans and promoting growth in popularity and quality.


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