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Mercy Idoko Lights up the Pitch: First Goal and Victory for Racing Power FC

Nigerian forward, Mercy Idoko, is basking in the glory of her first goal of the season for Racing Power FC in the 1a Divisão Women’s game in Portugal, following a thrilling match over the weekend.

Mercy Idoko Lights up the Pitch: First Goal and Victory for Racing Power FC

This dynamic forward struck a brilliant first-half goal, igniting her team to a spectacular 2-0 victory against Marítimo at the Estádio do Marítimo last Sunday.

Notably, Jenny Vetter also displayed her scoring prowess, finding the back of the net for the Portuguese Liga BPI side, Racing Almada.

Following a tense start, it was the 20-year-old Nigerian forward, Mercy Idoko, who seized the opportunity, breaking the deadlock in the 34th minute.

Jenny Vetter further solidified their lead with a goal at regulation time, securing a well-deserved win for Racing Power.

Mercy Idoko’s excitement was palpable as she took to her social media page to share her joy over her first goal of the season and, of course, the victory.

She applauded her teammates for their determination, emphasizing that the team’s focus is now squarely on the upcoming game.

First win, first goal, great attitude from my teammates. We move on to the next game,” she noted.

Considering their challenging start to the season, it’s no surprise that Mercy Idoko and her team celebrated this victory.

This win serves as a crucial turning point, marking their first victory after a series of four games.

While this moved them to third place from the bottom with three points, their host remains one point ahead in seventh place.

Looking forward with determination, Mercy Idoko and her teammates will be hosting Ouriense at the Centro Desportivo Nacional do Jamor on Sunday, with the hope of building on their winning ways.


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