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Imade Osarenkhoe Shocks Bendel Insurance Fans with UAE Move

In a surprising news today, Bendel Insurance star forward, Imade Osarenkhoe, has made a stunning move to join United Arab Emirates club, United FC.Imade Osarenkhoe Shocks Bendel Insurance Fans with UAE Move

The deal between the player’s representative and the club has been successfully sealed, marking a significant shift in Osarenkhoe’s career.

The 22-year-old has committed to a four-year contract with United FC, which adds an intriguing layer to his young career.

Fans now await his official unveiling by the new club, which is scheduled for this coming Monday.

Imade Osarenkhoe had an impressive run with Bendel Insurance, especially during the previous season when he notched up a total of eleven goals in various competitions.

His exceptional performance in both the Nigeria Premier Football League and the CAF Confederation Cup campaign drew widespread attention.

One of the defining moments of Osarenkhoe’s time with Bendel Insurance was his crucial goal in the match against Enugu Rangers, which secured their fourth national cup title – the Federation Cup.

This victory marked a historic moment for the club, as it was their first in 43 years.

United FC, based in Dubai, offers an exciting prospect for Osarenkhoe. With a significant Nigerian community in the city, he is sure to find a warm reception as he embarks on this overseas adventure.

However, this transfer means that Bendel Insurance will have to face their upcoming CAF Confederation Cup reverse fixture against RS Berkane in Morocco without their star player, Imade Osarenkhoe.

This departure leaves a significant void in their squad, and fans will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how the team copes without their star forward.

Imade Osarenkhoe’s journey to United FC is set to be a fascinating story to follow, as he takes his talents to the United Arab Emirates and leaves behind a lasting legacy at Bendel Insurance.


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