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Why Enugu Rangers Declared Star Player Olawale Doyeni Wanted

Rangers International F.C. has stunned Nigerian football community by declaring their defensive stalwart, Olawale Doyeni, a player they initially retained for the upcoming season, as ‘wanted.’Why Enugu Rangers Declared Star Player Olawale Doyeni Wanted

This unexpected declaration comes as Doyeni, a key figure in the club’s previous season success, has allegedly gone A.W.O.L., leaving fans and management surprised.

Doyeni, known as the team’s defensive Trojan, had joined the team’s preseason activities late alongside other retained players.

However, recent reports have surfaced that he left the Nkponkiti Players’ camp without any official permission from either the technical crew or any management staff.

This sudden disappearance has left the team scrambling to understand his motives and whereabouts, especially during the crucial preparation phase leading up to the new season.

In an exclusive communication sent to the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and signed by the administrative secretary of Rangers, Barr. Ferdinand Ugwuarua, the management expressed their deep concern over Doyeni’s unexplained departure.

The letter stated, “…. Concerned that the said player resumed with the team very late for preseason activities of the club, it was reported that the player left the player’s camp unnoticed and every inquiry as to his whereabouts proved abortive. The club therefore declares Olawale Doyeni, AWOL.

This shocking announcement has left many fans wondering about the motives behind Doyeni’s sudden disappearance.

Some speculate that contract disputes or personal reasons might have led to this unexpected turn of events.

The timing couldn’t be worse, as the team was counting on Doyeni’s skill and experience to propel them towards their ambitious goals for the fast-approaching 2023/2024 football season.

Fans are, however, left to wonder whether this surprising declaration is a signal of deeper issues within the club or simply an isolated incident.


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