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Super Falcons Deborah Abiodun’s Brilliance Powers Pittsburgh to Elite Eight

Deborah Abiodun’s brilliance was the driving force for Pittsburgh as the rising star of Nigeria’s Super Falcons has continued to display her prowess in front of goal, leading her team to a commanding 3-0 victory over Memphis at the Razorback Field.
Super Falcons Deborah Abiodun's Brilliance Powers Pittsburgh to Elite Eight

Abiodun’s fifth goal of the season was the highlight of the match, securing Pittsburgh’s spot in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Women’s Soccer tournament.

The game, initially deadlocked in a goalless first half, ignited in the second period.

Pittsburgh Panthers seized the lead with a perfectly executed corner kick by Sarah Schupansky, finding Keera Melenhorst, who skillfully handed them the advantage.

Abiodun’s moment arrived 24 minutes later when she elegantly finished a delivery from Samiah, effortlessly slotting the ball home to secure Pittsburgh’s second goal.

Gomes’ strike in the 88th minute, through a Coffield free kick, sealed Memphis’ fate, culminating in a resounding 3-0 triumph for Pittsburgh.

Abiodun, a key figure in Pittsburgh’s victory, alongside her teammates, displayed an indomitable defensive performance, tallying their seventh clean sheet of the season.

Post-game, Abiodun took to Twitter, expressing her elation and pride in the team’s collective accomplishment:

Thrilled to score and also play an influential role in the victory over Memphis with the University of Pittsburgh! Proud of our collective effort and the progress we’ve made. Onto the quarterfinals! Onward and upward.”

Pittsburgh’s remarkable win propels them into the last eight for the first time, standing alongside three other Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) teams—a dominant representation, making up half of the quarterfinalists.


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