You are currently viewing Akor Adams net 3rd Ligue 1 goal in Montpellier huge win over Lyon

Akor Adams net 3rd Ligue 1 goal in Montpellier huge win over Lyon

Akor Adams is seriously making a name for himself and also leaving an indelible mark on French football with his brilliance in front of goal.Akor Adams net 3rd Ligue 1 goal in Montpellier huge win over Lyon

In a weekend clash that captured the hearts of Montpellier fans, Adams notched his third goal of the season in the French Ligue 1.

The young striker’s standout performance became the cornerstone of Montpellier’s commanding 4-1 victory against Lyon.

Akor Adams’ Consistency Shines:

Akor Adams displayed his unerring consistency, finding the back of the net for the second successive match.

This time, he propelled Montpellier HSC to a well-deserved victory over Lyon, adding to his growing reputation as a prolific goal scorer.

The Nigerian dynamo’s goal in the Parc Olympique Lyonnais served as the perfect mark on Montpellier’s commanding 4-1 win.

Dominance Displayed on the Field:

Montpellier HSC asserted their authority throughout the match against Lyon, with Arnaud Nordin’s early goal providing a lead within the first 20 minutes.

Adams, eager to capitalize on his momentum, came tantalizingly close to doubling the lead in the 29th minute, only to have his goal disallowed after a VAR review deemed him offside.

Nonetheless, Montpellier continued their dominance, with Mousa Al Tamari’s powerful strike extending their advantage before halftime.

Solidifying Control with Adams’ Impact:

The 66th minute saw Jordanian international Mousa Al Tamari notch another goal for Montpellier, further securing their command over the match.

Amidst this dominant display, Akor Adams played a key role, contributing 33 touches and delivering a strong defensive performance with two crucial tackles.

A Decisive Culmination:

In the 89th minute, Akor Adams achieved his well-deserved goal, sealing the victory for Montpellier.

This crucial moment arrived shortly after Alexander Lacazette pulled one back for Lyon, underlining Adams’ ability to rise to the occasion when it truly mattered.

As the final whistle blew, Montpellier emerged triumphant with a resounding 4-1 win over Lyon.



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