You are currently viewing Super Falcons Midfielder Abiodun Deborah reveals her first and top role model

Super Falcons Midfielder Abiodun Deborah reveals her first and top role model

Super Falcons Midfielder Abiodun Deborah has finally revealed who her first and top role model is.Abiodun Deborah Reveals Her Top Role Models

In an exclusive interview with Punch Newspaper, she opened up about her childhood inspiration and admiration for football icons who’ve left an indelible mark on her career.

Let’s explore her journey and the players who have had a significant impact on her.

Early Inspiration:

Abiodun Deborah’s love for football began at a young age, shaped by her close observation of her brothers and neighborhood friends playing the game of soccer.

She fondly reminisces about those days, stating;

I really liked it and always wanted to be amongst them playing. So, my first role model was my brother, I enjoyed watching him play.”

Admiration for Tough, Dedicated Players:

Deborah’s passion for football transcends gender boundaries, and she is particularly drawn to players who exhibit relentless determination on the field, regardless of monetary incentives.

She expressed her admiration for iconic players like legendary Marta from Brazil, citing them as a source of inspiration for her and many others.

A player like Marta of Brazil was such an inspiration to most of us,” she said.

Appreciation for Nigerian Female Midfielders:

Deborah also hold a special place in her heart for Nigerian female midfielders, acknowledging their exceptional talent and dedication.

She emphasized on their remarkable efforts during the 2019 World Cup, stating,

I was so excited, especially during the 2019 World Cup, I was so happy.”

She even reached out to senior players like Evelyn Nwabuoku, Halimatu Ayinde, Ngozi Okobi, Onome Ebi, and Francisca Ordega with heartfelt messages of support and admiration.

Cristiano Ronaldo: A Role Model Beyond Position:

While her appreciation for female footballers is evident, Deborah also expressed her admiration for a male football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

She commended his relentless work ethic and determination, stating,

I like Cristiano Ronaldo very well, we might not be playing the same position, but I just love his training mindset, he’s a very hardworking player.”

She admitted that what she sees in Ronaldo is a reminder that hard work can propel one to greater heights in any field.



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