Ahead of their AFCON qualifiers game between the super eagles of Nigeria and the wild dog of Guinea Bissau, the Nigerian coach Jose Paseiro and the team captain Ahmed Musa spoke to journalists on their preparation, expectations, and overcoming their failure to qualify for the last world cup.



AIT correspondence asked the captain, ”Skippo, you are very familiar with what will happen tomorrow; how are you taking this match, very seriously, complacency? Knowing what is at stake

Ahmed Musa responded, “We all know the importance of the game, so we are not taking it that easy because we know the opponent and we played them in the AFCON, so we are not going to go easy on them, and right now we are playing at home, so we know what is at stake. We are going all out to win the game tomorrow so we can have one shot at the finals.

He was also questioned about the players’ attitudes after returning to this stadium exactly one year after failing to qualify for the World Cup. Musa reiterated that it was an unfortunate outcome that was difficult to accept, but they are now here to qualify for the AFCON, which is what every Nigerian would want. He enthuses that the game will be difficult, but they will give their best to ensure they win tomorrow, which is important because the mood of the country is very down now and the only thing that can bring joy, togetherness, and happiness is a win for the Super Eagles.

On the question of how he is, the rest of the squad is missing the Nigerian coaches, Ikeshoromu and Finidi George, who were allegedly fired from the Super Eagles team. Musa replied, “That question has to go to the coach because for me, I am just here to do my job and not the coaching job.

Jose explained the situation regarding the absence of Nigeria coaches, as he had a discussion with the NFF president about the situation, which also affected him because he needed to invite 20 players from outside the country, with the remainder coming from here.

Coach Jose was asked if he could confirm that the NFF is owing him 10 months salary. “The salary is also part of the situation, and I had a discussion with the NFF, but it is not in my position to discuss my salary with anyone unless, of course, you are my wife because she covers me in my house. But our focus is not about the money, our focus is to beat Guinea” 

Coach Peseiro was pressed by Mowiz on the reason why he has failed to call up a certain Nigeria player, Chuba Akpom, in the English Championship who has been cleared by FIFA to play for Nigeria in the past two years.

Peseiro answered by asking the journalist, “If given the opportunity, who is he going to take out of the invited players and replace with Chuba?” Mowiz responded with Onachu.